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Beginners Worries and Concerns...Don't on and find out why.

There are some common and damaging myths surrounding dancing and rhythm.

First thing to know is that there is no such thing as "natural" rhythm or someone who was born dancing.

So called natural rhythm or movement doesn't exist - only people who have practiced and people who haven't exist.

If you do something lots, as long as you are employing correct technique, you will become skillful and "natural" at it, it's as simple as that.

Anyone can learn to dance, and anyone can atain the level and quality of skill they want by putting the right energy into it. We all know this to be true about everything else in life, but get fearful and fill ourselves with self-doubt when it comes to dancing.

This mainly due to old-school thinking. We end up with beliefs that people who we see can dance have some sort of magic powder that was sprinkled upon them at birth - not true! They just worked hard and practiced, and they became skillful.

The idea that some people just have it and have natural ibility is one of the most damaging myths of modern time.

This is very important to understand, so read on below and find out why....

It's very important to understand that each of us are born with a prediposition to being able to dance and hear rhythm.

Programmed into our genetic code is the attraction to rhythm and dancing...many yonks ago people sat around tribal fires beating drums and lions and tiggers don't like any sort of drum or are very fond of fire.

If one danced to the rhythm of the drums with others around the camp fire they were safe, and if they didn't and wandered to periphery they become a club sandwich for hungry cats with big teeth.

Humans have one of the most versatile skeletons on the planet - every bone, sinue, tendon, muscle and joint wants to move, it loves to move. And, we have particularly large brains to control the whole shebang.

And, the stonishing thing is that there is so little difference between all of us.

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