Salsa Dance Lesson Gift Vouchers make a really exciting, unique and memorable surprise for Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Anniversaries, or just because!

The great thing about this sort of gift is that it is not a pair of socks.

Don't get me wrong, the World would probably stop spinning without socks, but socks don't usually evoke joyous tears.

Salsa Lessons on the the other hand are memory-making, challenge-setting, fun-tastic, soul-filling, excitement-inducing, unexpected, surprise-expression-making, life-changing, transformational, confidence-building, social-circle-expanding.....well I won't go on, but you get the picture.

I have only had one pair of socks that could do all of that, but I was 5 and they had picture of Tigger on the side - enough said.

Basically you can taylor your gift to what is appropriate, but below I have put a list of ideas. If required I can provide you with a professionally designed and personalised Gift Certificate which you print at home.

I run Private Salsa Lesson for gifts in the same ways as I do for everyone else. I take them very seriously and they are normally run in my studio. However, for gifts, sometimes, especially when there may be a group of friends or a family, I can travel to a house: maybe you want to stage a surprise or similar, so I can accommodate in these circumstances. You can call me to guide you on ideas.

Below are some pre-set ideas, but actually the best gift idea is the one that you make up and tailor to be a personal gift idea from you to the recipient, so go ahead and put something together, a course, a series including club entry, a group taster, let your imagination define your gift :-)

When you have your idea, just call, or email, or submit a query in the form below. If you are not exactly sure how to put your gift idea together then I can advise you.

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Purchasing a Gift Voucher for Private Salsa Lessons or Club Entry:

On-line purchase isn't available right now, so for the moment, please just fill out the form below with a description of the Gift Voucher you require. Add details of the names of the people giving the gift and the recipient(s) and the reason for the gift (I.e. Birthday, Xmas etc) in order that I can personalise the Gift Certificate for you.

Payment can be cash, or via BACS transfer. Let me know your preferred method of payment and I will supply BACS details if necessary. 

Any questions, or if you have some awesome ideas about your own vision for a unique gift please just call me and we can discuss and I will guide you :-)

Send me a message with your questions and ideas for a gift:

Please double check the spelling, thank you.