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Student Performance Group, let the journey begin.....

The best way to achieve is to throw yourself into a challenge that fills your will grow more than you can imagine on a shared journey of adventure with others of the same mind.

"Student" just means anyone who is learning. Learning to dance.
If you are learning to dance then you should consider engaging in this soul-filling metamorphosis.

There is no better way to raise your own personal bar than to share a common adventure with other like-minded dancers.
It's a big mistake to think you are not good enough...the whole point of my performance team experience is to teach, nurture and massivley broaden the dance horizon of each member of the team. You start with doubt, and your journey takes you through self discovery to a point of exhileration and confidence when you first perform in front of a live audience. This experience cannot be matched by anything else in life.

Just by reading this, the mere consideration that you might possibly want to perform should be making your heart pump and your chest become a butterfly cage....that is the perfect indication that you are ready to start....

"Transformation" is the only way to describe what you will experience by becoming part of a performance team.

The current group is already in progress, so it is not possible to join right now.

However, if you would like to join the next one please email me or call me.

Call Ben for next dates, in Harpenden every week.


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early on the first day so I can sort out registration etc, thank you.

This is a unique opportunity to really build your dancing - you'll be sure tol gain valuable experience on the journey.


If you've ever watched a performance/show and thought you'd like to have a go at it yourself, or simply want to improve your technique, or just gain confidence in your dancing, or want to take your dancing to the next level, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU...This is open to all students of all levels - the organisation and choreography will allow all levels of experience to shine at their best. At the end you will have the option to perform the dance to a live salsa audience - how exciting is THAT!?! The goal is demonstrate what students can achieve and to enhance students' personal development. Below are some questions I have been asked and the answers, and information about enrolment.


Aims of the SPG over and above the actual performance:

1) To improve technique (timing, balance, composure, movement, spatial dexterity)

2) To improve style (personal development of an individuals personal style)

3) To improve confidence (taking one to the edge of their envelope and extend their range)

4) To improve musical interpretation (gain deeper understanding of the relationship between music and dance)


Training will take place in Harpenden at different venues every Sunday morning or Monday evening. It will be sociable, challenging and very very exciting - an opportunity to be part of something unique.

Please email me to register your interest.


I have put down some information below in the form of questions I have been asked:


Am I good enough? Well it’s not about being good enough – the whole point is it is a “Student” performance group, it’s by students for students: the definition of a student is someone who is learning, and that’s what this is all about. The point is that it is a journey of self development. You’ll learn new dance skills as you progress, including leading, following, partnerwork, style and footwork. Each session is structured to build to the final goal of being able to execute a routine to a good standard. It’s not a test in any way – the point is that the whole thing is learning. You will start at A and finish at B, and the journey in between will fun, exciting and educational.


Am I required to have certain abilities? No. Nothing is expected of you at the start other than that you attend. The point is to learn new abilities. Everything you need for the choreography will be taught in the sessions within the structure of each session.Do I have to do the performance to an audience at the end? No. That’s entirely up to you. Performing to an audience is not the point of this exercise. The point is to learn the skills, movement and the techniques required to do a performance – the actual live performance opportunity is merely a bonus that you can participate in if you wish.


How do the sessions work? They are normally on a Sunday morning or Monday evening. There are sections where we work on a specific technique – this is a first class method of building your dance skills. Sections where we work on the new moves for that week. A section is spent putting the new material into the choreographed routine which builds week by week. There is plenty of time in the schedule to polish, ask questions, and revisit points to make sure every single person is completely comfortable with everything. We will be a team – an amazing team.Is the schedule fixed? No. I have a rough goal of about 30 weeks. But there is no way I want to be cracking a whip on time scales – that would completely counter-productive. It’s much more important to get everyone learning at the right pace. The venue is reserved for me indefinitely. If it takes less time, great – it takes more, that’s fine.


What happens if I hold the group up? You won’t. We are working as a team. There will always be points that various people find more tricky, due to experience, injury or other things. Time will always be taken to make sure everyone is getting it, if you get a particular week really quickly, maybe because you've done something similar historically, then you’ll get to polish.


What happens if I miss a week? There will be times when we all have to have time off for holiday, illness, or some other reason. The pace and structure will allow students to absorb this. I plan to post video of the choreography progress on the web. However, we won’t be running in the school term breaks.


Is it separate or different for the guys and ladies? Although the choreography for girls and boys will be different for much of the routine, it is all taught as one group together because each side needs to have a knowledge of the other for it to work together. That’s not saying that boys have to learn the girl’s steps and visa versa – that would be too much!


Will I learn the same moves and steps as I would on Thursday? Yes and No. The choreography is based on salsa partner-work, but with a high degree of special moves and steps. The extra material all fits into salsa timing, and obviously fits the music. So, you’ll get to perfect technique and style on the range of “normal” salsa moves and steps, and you’ll also add to you repertoire new and exciting material. It all ads up to taking your dancing a quantum leap forward.


Do I need an outfit? For the normal practice and learning sessions you can wear what you want, though obviously loose clothes are not recommended, and good dance shoes are preferred. Regarding the live performance at the end, yes we will have outfits. We’ll sort that out nearer the time, so no need to worry about that now.


Do I need to come with a partner? No, but the performance will require even numbers. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry as it won’t impede your learning experience – during training we can swap partners. However, I am endeavouring to achieve even numbers, so although there will be single men and women joining and therefore making pairs, it won’t harm to ask around and see if one of your dancing friends can be a partner.


Do I have to commit to the whole program? Yes. This is not like the drop-in classes common in salsa clubs. There is a beginning point and an end point.


Cost and payment? The cost varies (it covers the studio hire plus a few admin costs), but is around £6-9 per hour - normally a 3 hour session. You are committed to paying for every session because I have to book the venue etc, and those costs are fixed. You don’t have to pay the whole amount up front; paying as you go is fine. I will be working on a trust basis - this is not a business.


Why should I do it? Because this is one of the most exciting and inspiring things to do in dance. You’ll learn, realise your abilities, and probably surprise yourself. As the routine unfolds you’ll gain confidence, and enjoy the thrill of being able to perfect a choreographed dance.


What is the name of the performance group? Azucar and Especia (two groups).


Where and when? TBA.

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