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Testimonials & Reviews about Salsa Machine and Private Lessons - read what people are saying...

We think we what we do is brilliant!! Of course, we do...or we'd change it!....BUT...don't take my word for it, read some quotations from people saying what they think of what we do...

If you want to talk directly to anyone below please email me and will put you in contact :-)

Private Salsa Lessons with Ben



St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

Having had a couple of group dance lessons, and feeling stuck on the edge of 2 levels, beginner and intermediates, I started to look for a private dance teacher. 


I have now been dancing for just 2 months with Ben, and I had no idea that we could make so much progress in such a short space of time. Ben finds the perfect balance between pushing my limits and maintaining my confidence to achieve. 


Everything is positive in a class, even mistakes :) Ben's lessons focus on building good technique, not routines, so you will be able to follow any possible combination of leads eventually, meaning no surprises! Now when I go social dancing, no one believes me when I tell them how long I have been dancing for! 


One lesson with Ben is all you need to know that you are in the right place to learn. 


Rebecca x



Hertford - Thursday Salsa Club

I came to my first Salsa Machine Thursday class just over a year ago, after a colleague at work recommended it. She spoke highly of the teachers and although she danced some distance away, had heard about the club. I used to ballet dance semi-professionally, but after an injury, gave it up and hadn’t danced for almost 10 years. I missed dancing so much and this sounded like something with lower impact on my joints, that I might be able to do. The quality of the teaching was really important to me – if I'm going to do something, I want to do it properly! That and the passion my colleague had about salsa convinced me that this was something I and my mum would really enjoy.


We contacted Ben about coming along and it was so straightforward – no signing up, no commitment to blocks of lessons, just turn up and try it. From the first week, mum and I were hooked! The team work so hard to involve everyone and provide support which is tailored to member’s needs. Everyone is encouraged to stay after the classes, have a drink and enjoy the social dancing and in fact, we both found ourselves dancing salsa from the very first night! Since then, I have also had a series of private lessons with Ben at his studio, which has been amazing in speeding up my salsa learning and tightening up my technique. He has let me set the pace and has challenged and encouraged me throughout – I'm now dancing confidently at salsa conventions and loving every minute.


Ben and Maria have a large, tight and reliable team of teachers who are so generous with their teaching. The classes are really well structured and are split into 6 levels, with members of every background and age range you could imagine! Although Cross-Body-Salsa is the primary form of dance at the club, we also have the opportunity to learn Bachata and Rueda.


I can’t wait for Thursdays to come around each week and I only wish I’d found the club sooner. There are plenty of other places which are closer to home for me but not with the class structure, quality of teaching, atmosphere and facilities of Salsa Machine.  If you're tempted, please give it a go! There’s no need to bring a partner and you will meet so many friendly and welcoming people. :-)



Wheathampstead - Private Salsa Lessons

I started a course of private lessons with Ben a few weeks ago to try and learn how to dance Salsa properly and have been surprised by how fast I am progressing. I learned the basics many years ago but always struggled to lead properly especially when dancing with anyone other than my wife. Even with her, I just did not communicate what I wanted well enough to lead the dance. Probably looked fine to non-dancers but gets a bit boring for both of us. She dances well and is able to do her part but I just could not lead with any confidence and so it often breaks down. As such, we often just repeated the same old moves in the same order. In group lessons I did not like just being taught what to do and also felt stupid getting it wrong so many times.

I have learned many different sports over the years and teach other people skiing and windsurfing and so I like to know how things work on a fundamental level. I like to know why I am doing each part and how it fits into the overall activity. That way I can practice myself and self-correct.

Ben was brilliant from day one. He breaks it all down into a system he has developed over many years. The lessons are not just “step here and place your hand there” (there is a bit of that obviously) but more getting the timing of the movement and learning how the ladies dance so eventually I should be able to dance well with anyone. I really like the way he explains how to move and why so that it fits with what the lady is doing. Although I have had numerous group lessons I never really understood how it actually works and so the first lesson was something of an eye-opener. I originally thought it would be awkward dancing with another man but as the touch is so light (something else I used to do wrongly) actually it’s the reverse – it’s much easier.

As a professional Life and Business Coach, I know that to learn anything really well it pays huge dividends to be taught the fundamentals well. Ben certainly achieves this. If you want to be a good dancer as opposed to just getting by - Invest in at least one lesson just to try it out – you will not be disappointed. I can almost guarantee that after one lesson you will want to book more.



St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

If anyone wants to learn dancing salsa there is no better place to go than Ben and Salsa Machine.

I chose to have private lessons with Ben because I wanted to progress quickly, but his group classes are also great. Ben has excellent teaching skills and methods, so anyone, even someone with a tin ear can learn to dance! Don't expect it to be easy, because Ben will challenge you, he will give you homework to keep you engaged provide constructive feedback afterwards and during each lesson. He alway listens to your concerns and ideas. And do not hope you will melt his heart with an “I can't do it" attitude, or crying when you have a breakdown. Ben will support you and encourage you so you will not give up - in a short time you will be dancing salsa!!

Love you Ben, thanks for everything!



Essex - Private Salsa Lessons

I went to Ben for private lessons after a two and a half year break from salsa. I was previously dancing 2-3 times a week, but personal circumstances meant I had to stop. During that time, I had stopped working out altogether (I was seriously fit previously), gained weight and generally felt rubbish about myself. And after that length of time out I wasn't anywhere near confident enough to go straight back into the local salsa club scene. I also knew all the local teachers who took private lessons and knew I wouldn't feel comfortable with any of them.


I knew I was in the right place from the very first lesson. It was a big step for me but Ben made me feel really comfortable and I was happy to go right back to basics because I knew there were techniques that he could teach me that never got taught properly in group classes. I quickly realised that he could help me to become a much better dancer than I ever was before.I've now had weekly lessons for just over two months, and I know I'm already technically way better than I ever was. I'm feeling properly connected to my body again - something I knew I'd lost. 


I'm getting more confident about adding styling, my balance, footwork, spins and following skills get better every week, and I'm starting to believe I look good dancing again.


We seem to have a breakthrough with something every lesson. Ben is incredibly patient and breaks things down and explains them simply. Although he pushes me a little harder now, I never feel completely out of my depth, or made to feel bad because it takes me a bit longer to get my head (and feet) around what we're doing. 


Although initially I had just planned to have lessons for a couple of months to ease me back in, I've decided to carry on the lessons indefinitely, even though I have to travel quite a long way to Ben's studio. I look forward to the lessons, I love the challenge of them, and the improvement has been amazing!


I realised what I was searching for all along...a route to find the old me. The one who felt sexy and confident and relished being centre of attention on the dance floor for all the right reasons.


Thanks to Ben, the old me is developing into an even better, sexier and more confident version who is more than ready to start burning up the salsa dance floors of Essex and London again!



Hertford - Private Salsa Lessons

I'd been wanting to learn Salsa for a while but I found the prospect of going to a salsa club overwhelming.
So, I decided to take some private lessons and found Ben through his website. I had no dance experience and really didn't know what to expect.

I have been absolutely amazed by Ben's brilliant teaching and I have progressed so much more quickly than I would have ever anticipated. I absolutely love the lessons and Ben's studio is a great space for learning. I look forward to dancing each week - I'm now addicted.

I whole heartedly recommend Ben's lessons. You will not be disappointed!


Russ & Ruth

Berkhampsted - Private Salsa Lessons

This is heartfelt 😳

To dance is great fun.
To dance well is joyful.
Thankfully, Ben can teach you to dance well and achieve everything along the way with bundles of fun - a great journey.
But please expect to put some effort in, but I promise you Ben will more match your efforts, and then some.
Cheers Buddy.
Russ and Ruth.



Birmingham - Private Salsa Lessons

Ben has very quickly taken me from a Salsa Virgin to a confident Salsa dancer in about half dozen lessons. In these few lessons, the basics and fundamentals of Salsa dancing were clearly explained and with the accompanying fantastic Salsa music it enabled me and my girlfriend to progress easily in a structured and methodical manner.

Ben's has an excellent teaching style and with his great experience of the subject matter, he can clearly demonstrate each movement from the basic to the more complex moves in a step by step approach (no pun intended). His lessons are light hearted and fun and he even provides a cuppa!

It quite surprised me how much fun we had and we look forward to further lessons to polish our moves so we can enjoy social dancing with confidence.




St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

Having a private salsa lesson was top of my wish list for this year. I had anticipated it would be a 'one off', however, I enjoyed it so much that one lesson soon became many!


I have found that having Private Salsa Lessons has enabled me to progress so much faster than I otherwise would have, and it has given me the confidence to dance socially in a very short space of time.


Ben's classes are very clear and informative, he breaks each move down so that they are easy to understand and follow. Very highly recommended.



Hemel Hempstead - Private Salsa Lessons

Before going to Salsa Machine, I tried learning to dance at three different clubs. It was hard going, as the dance seemed very confusing to me.


However, after just a few private lessons with Ben, the structure of the dance had become really clear, which made memorising the different movements and footwork so much easier, and meant that I was no longer intimidated by the seeming unpredictability of the dance.


Thank you so much for teaching me all of that - it's a really big leap forward for me! I strongly recommend Salsa Machine to anyone interested in salsa!



Luton - Salsa Machine Club and Classes on Thursdays

I started going to the Salsa Machine club in Harpenden when I first moved to the area almost 10 years ago and knew almost no-one! From day one Ben and Maria were very welcoming and instantly I felt at ease. They always go the extra mile to ensure that everyone feels included, makes new friends and have a socially great time! Having known Ben for a few years now, it is obvious to see that he has an immense amount of passion for dance and is equally passionate about ensuring that his students are taught correct technicalities in every area of dance and musicality from beginners classes through to advanced and performance groups. Skills that set dancers up for life! We are lucky to have such a great salsa club in Hertfordshire. It's longevity is testament that it is enjoyed by dancers from near and far.



Chesham - Tennis Club Social Event - Private Salsa Party/Event

Ben and his dance partner put on a fabulous evening of Salsa and then extra and even easier Bachata.

Ben explained and demonstrated the steps starting at a beginner level and gave us all even the most dodgy dancer!

The evening was super fun and sociable with everyone able to do some level of salsa by the end. The demonstration inspired us and showed us what we could aspire to.
The easier Bachata even was doable by my husband who is normally keen to stay behind the bar!!

So hire this couple and you will have a guaranteed fun evening; many if us are still practising in our kitchens!

We will be asking Ben and partner to come and do it again - no problem! Thanks Ben x.



Luton - Private Salsa Lessons

Ben is an amazing teacher.

I first started having lessons with Ben after feeling that I was not able to keep up with the others in my group. He quickly made me feel at ease in the lessons and has made such a difference to not only my dancing but also my confidence in general. It is an absolutely wonderful experience having lessons with Ben as he is patient, gives clear explanations; tailors the lesson to the needs of the individual and has a good sense of humour. I enjoy my lessons so much that I cannot envisage ever stopping them! To be taught by Ben is a pleasure and something you will not regret.



St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

I was first persuaded to try salsa by my partner, who was somewhat more enthusiastic than me.  Although I knew it would be a fun way to get fitter and spend more time together, when it came to our first lesson, to say that I was a little anxious, would be an understatement.  However, Ben’s friendly, approachable and encouraging teaching style soon helped me overcome my fears and immediately put me at ease. At the end of the hour I was surprised to find that I was actually enjoying myself.


Ben’s teaching style always focuses on the positive and his helpful, optimistic approach has enhanced the whole learning experience.  Learning with Ben has not only improved my movement and technique, it has also greatly increased my self-confidence and brought out my ‘inner dancer’.


With Ben’s help, I have gone from a reluctant dancer, doubting my ability to ever ‘trip the light fantastic’, to a happy and confident dancer and, what’s more, I’ve had a lot of fun along the way!



Henlow - Private Salsa Party/Event

Salsa Machine ran a Salsa Night for us as part of a charity fundraiser for Macmillan.  We were all absolute beginners (all 100 of us!) and everyone had an amazing time learning some basic moves for Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha Cha.  Ben and Maria were great at demonstrating and teaching the moves and everyone had a brilliant and fun time.  It was such an incredible success everyone has been asking us to organise another one.  We would not hesitate to recommend Salsa Machine and Ben & Maria.



Nowrich - Private Salsa Lessons

Ben is a wonderful person to be with in the dance studio. He is not only a delightful and humorous person with tonnes of patience, but also a great teacher who has his own unique approach and style.

I have been going to Ben for some time now and still no two classes are the same - Every class I learn something new and extend my knowledge, new styling, a new rhythm, a new something...I look forward to the next lesson as soon as the last one finishes.


Ben has a style of teaching which clearly emphasises techniques and movements along with fun and musicality. I am really happy I joined his private lessons after having been to Salsa Machine.

You will certainly learn so much faster and quicker when you are being taught one to one in Private Lessons. I would say...Try Ben and explore the world of music, salsa dancing and expression...


Jeff & Carmen

Luton - Private Salsa Lessons

We had been wanting to learn to dance Salsa  for several years but would not start until we were sure we would learn the key moves quickly and correctly, so that we had a foundation of dancing skill and knowledge to build upon over future years. We eventually found our ideal tutor in Ben, who diligently, patiently , and with humour, taught us the key moves and gave us the confidence to implement our new found skill in the real world. Ben is extremely knowledgeable in the technical basis of the Salsa., and other dance variations, and was able to pass on this knowledge to us  in a very enjoyable environment. If you are wondering about beginning to learn Salsa, have no doubts as you will have a ball, and learn a skill which will help make friends for the rest of your dancing lives, but ensure you get taught all the key basic skills and moves by an expert - it really does make the difference.



St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

The short version of the testimonial would be – “the lessons are great, just give it a go and enjoy!" But I guess some people would like a bit more by way of detail...


So what makes the lessons great? I’d say they have helped to deepen and expand my sense of what salsa dancing is about, and have been a happy liberation from the self-imposed constraints of a 'memory test' approach of learning routines.


Taking private lessons initially gave me a much clearer focus, stripping back the moves I already knew and refining my technique. “On time, in time, every time” – it sounds a simple mantra, but it’s a lot easier to write than to achieve! 


I’ve also worked quite a bit on my general movement, along with elements of dance (such as spins) which always held an element of mental terror for me. Ben's been a patient teacher through the times I’ve struggled with this, and come up with a variety of different approaches to help me work on my movement and posture, and to prep myself better for spins. 


The lessons also seem to have given me more time in my dancing. I think that’s mainly about thinking ahead and being prepared for my next movement, but also about ironing out little things I hadn’t even noticed for myself that were making the “on time, in time” harder to achieve. Ben’s attention to detail has been very helpful in that respect - I still marvel at his ability to be able to spot something whilst also having to concentrate on his own movement.


Above all, I’d recommend lessons for the fun you have doing them, and the fun they add to your own dancing.



St Albans - Private Salsa Lessons

I contacted Ben a few weeks ago to enquire about private lessons. I have found him to be very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. In particular I like his practical teaching approach which at my level, (beginner) focuses not so much on sequences which require memorising, but on fundamental concepts that allow you to build your own sequences from any position. It is early days for me at present, however I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben to anybody wishing to take their salsa to the next level..


Pat & Den

Hoddesdon - Private Salsa Lessons

Having talked about learning to dance we finally took the plunge to learn Salsa and we haven’t looked back.


Being in our sixties, we found the thought of going to a class daunting so decided to look for private lessons, which is where Ben came in. We found Ben’s site extremely informative with the description of private lessons just what we were looking for.


One phone call to Ben put our minds at rest and now having had a course of lessons, we both feel that we’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge. With Ben’s unique style and relaxed friendly approach it’s opened up a whole new world for us and long may it continue.

Pat x



Kings Langley - Private Salsa Lessons

When I first started Private Lessons I wasn't even sure if they would help me. If were to sum up what happened next with Ben it would be this: my confidence went from zero to 100%, and my dancing went from zero to 200%.


I have to say that lessons with Ben have been just about the best thing I have ever done. His teaching has transformed my dancing and understanding of dancing. I now have a confidence that I never thought I could ever achieve, and I enjoy my dancing to a level I didn't think was possible.


I would thoroughly recommend Private Lessons with Ben - certainly worth very penny and more.



St Albans - Private Salsa Party/Event

Hertfordshire Keep Fit Social Event

Ben and Maria hosted a Salsa Evening for our Hertfordshire Keep Fit members and friends recently.

We were completely amazed by our progress, they are such good teachers, friendly, fun and encouraging. We got onto and learned what seemed to be quite complex steps by the end.

It was a great fun evening, enjoyed by everybody, so thanks to you both.



Luton - Private Salsa Lessons

When I first started Salsa I loved it so much, but found it so difficult. I could see the potential, but elements escaped me. It is fair to say I struggled. I could not make progress at the pace I wanted.


After only the very first lesson with Ben I started to understand and improve my dancing dramatically. I decided there and then to continue, and now when I dance I understand exactly how it works and this enables me to bring all my creativity to every dance I have.


I don't think I have enjoyed anything else more than I enjoy Salsa now!


Ben's lessons opened my eyes and his ideas and concepts completely changed the way I dance. I previously thought that learning to dance was something you had to born with, but Ben's structured systematic approach showed me how I to become the dancer I dreamed of. He always told me "learn the language and become a peot", and I can say learning with Ben and his clear and patient teaching style has shown me how to be a poett on the dance floor. I would say Ben is  true educator. I can whole heartedly recommend Ben's lessons. Thank you Ben :-)

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Ben - Private Salsa Lessons

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