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Every Wednesday Night Salsa Classes, Lessons and Club in Harpenden.

Beginners Salsa Dance Lessons & Classes in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Luton, Watford, Hatfield, Welwyn.
Private Salsa Lessons & Classes in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Luton, Watford, Hatfield, Welwyn.Private Salsa Lessons


Everyone is welcome to our buzzing Salsa club night.

If you are a beginner please read the information on the "Beginners" page.

Below is the timing schedule for club evenings in Harpenden.

Occassionally we vary things to "mix it up" a bit, so check the Events Calendar

in case we are having a party night :-)

Below you can see we basically have 2 hours of classes followed by 2 hours of Social Dancing.

The classes are arranged so no matter what level you are at from Absolute Beginner through to Experienced dancer there are always 2 hours of relevant classes for you....

Our club has a fun and friendly atmosphere and ticks in a professional manner.....Enjoy :-)

Start Salsa dancing & change your life!
The perfect Life Challenge.
Fun, sociable, improve fitness.

We never share information.

VENUE: EMC in Harpenden every Wednesday.
See "Maps & directions".


Superb floor | Free on-site secure car park | Bring your own drinks.

Brand new purpose-built studio | Low ceiling and acoustic perfection.


In a nutshell, there are 6 classes, 3 at 7:30 and 3 at 8:15, and social dancing from 9:00 to 10:45.

For beginners, we have a Try-Before-You-Buy policy. On your first night, arrive, do your classes, and then take out a subscription if you want to continue. If you don't want to continue, pay nothing, and you've had your trial for free, no questions asked.

We operate the above on an honour system, so please don't abuse our trust.


We don't lock you into a 6 to 8-week course or force you to start on a fixed intake day. Instead, you can start any week with us. We have a carefully curated curriculum which rotates content over several weeks, allowing you to start at any point in the rotation.

The success of any new hobby relies on the crucial initial commitment and subsequent consistency.


A subscription is £40 per month and represents a highly discounted rate (better than 50%) compared to the higher levels drop-in rate. The subscription includes all classes and social dancing for the entire month and is based on £10/week - which means that for months with 5 Wednesdays, you get a completely free night. As I said, we don't do drop-ins for beginners; this is our system to provide maximum quality and flexibility for our new students. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and there's no lock-in period.

Committing to your Salsa classes will quickly build confidence and create positive habits.

A subscription also represents crazy-good value and has no downside.

The first session is a technical session, and the second session is the corresponding creative session. Let me explain:
 CLASS SESSION 1 (7:15 pm) 
CLASS 1 Foundation Moves & Techniques (Beginners)*
CLASS 2 Core Moves & Techniques (Intermediate)*
CLASS 3 Advanced Techniques & Styling
 CLASS SESSION 2 (8:00 pm) 
CLASS 1 Foundation Creative Patterns (Beginners)*
CLASS 2 Core Moves & Techniques Creative Patterns (Intermediate)*
CLASS 3 Advanced Creative Patterns
 SOCIAL DANCING from 9:00 pm (currently FREE) 

You can attend just one session, but they are built to work together. This format is designed to accelerate your progress, stimulate creativity, and build confidence in Salsa.


* Classes have a carefully controlled content rotation, which means you can start as a beginner at any week in the rotation and continue working through the rotated content over a number of weeks until you complete everything. After several rotations, an instructor will make recommendations for you to ascend.


Our subscriptions represent a more than 50% loyalty discount and are super-simple.
£40 per calendar month.
Includes everything on a club night.
£14 per calendar month.
Access to the social dancing every club night.

For months that have 5 club nights, you get a completely free night!

Starts as soon as you subscribe and renews on the same date every month.
No minimum duration, and cancel any time, pay by debit/credit card.

No account, username, password or membership card required, just rock up and rock in - super simple!

Subscription members benefit from such a huge loyalty discount because we treat our members as family. For beginners, subscription is recommended because as well as being amazing value, it also creates that all-important commitment required when starting something new.

1 CLASS = £10
2 CLASSES = £15
SOCIAL DANCING = FREE for a bit longer
Social dancing is free for everyone for the rest of this year until January 2022.
From January 2022 it will be £7, but if you've also bought a class it will be discounted to £5.
You can attend either the first or the second session, but, they are structured so that session 1 prepares you for session 2.

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More information about our weekly club night....

Classes are structured so that they rotate content over a set number of weeks. This means you can join any time and add to your repertoire each week. If you miss a week, not to worry, as the content will come round again soon. Each class should be repeated several times as the content cannot all be learned in one attendance - this is another advantage of having such a rotation scheme. You will find new things to incorporate into your dancing and how to finesse those things already integrated into your skillset.

Salsa Machine has a reputation for the highest quality teaching. You can rest assured that progression through our levels will facilitate you becoming the best possible dancer you can be.

With regular attendance and practice, you can become an accomplished Salsa dancer in a relatively short space of time.

Private Lessons are also conducted in Harpenden at a separate location in a dedicated private dance studio.

Many people like to start with Private Salsa Lesson because this an excellent way of gaining a very rapid and thorough insight into dancing, building skill levels quickly and achieving self-confidence. Find out more about how Private Salsa Lessons could serve your needs by visiting the Private Lessons page and all will be explained...

Additional information about travelling:

We serve a most of the surrounding towns, so if you want to do Salsa Dance Lessons in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Luton, Watford, Hatfield, Welwyn or Berkhamsted you will most certainly find someone at our club who comes from one of these town, and then as you make friends you will be able to share the journey :-)

I can help you locate someone or make an introduction if required, no problem.

How long does it take to get to us from surrounding towns?
Amersham is 38 minutes.

Barnet is 29 minutes.

Bedford is 36 minutes.

Berkhamsted is 24 minutes.

Borehamwood is 29 minutes.

Dunstable is 19 minutes.

Enfield is 34 minutes.

Hatfield is 19 minutes.

Hemel Hempstead is 11 minutes.

Hertford is 26 minutes.

Hitchin is 29 minutes.

Kings Langley is 23 minutes.

Leighton Buzzard is 34 minutes.

Letchworth is 29 minutes.

Luton is 15 minutes.

Potters Bar is 29 minutes.

St Albans is 9 minutes.

Stevenage is 25 minutes.

Tring is 31 minutes.

Watford is 21 minutes.

Welwyn is 16 minutes.

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