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Learn Salsa and change your life....

Starting something new, and especially dancing, presents us with not just challenges, but also doubts about our own ability and questions about our confidence. At Salsa Machine, we are experts in holding your hand through this initial phase.

I can still remember my first steps, and I would like to reassure you that you are in very good hands, not only because we understand exactly what you are going through, but also because we know exactly how to help you transition into the journey of a lifetime.

A course of dance lessons keeps you focussed and ensures you will reach your goals and help you meet the challenge of learning this new skill.

Look forward to these benefits:

Learn something new, inspiring and soul-filling.

Meet new people and make friends in a safe friendly environment with no agenda.

Keep fit and improve balance and coordination.

Learn rhythm and music and how it feels to move to music.

Learning to dance has been shown to increase intelligence and protect you from dementia in old age.

Change your life by challenging yourself on a journey of adventure and exploration in a life-long desire to dance.

We can't be beaten for value with our wide reputation for the best teaching anywhere. 6 levels of classes taught by trained and friendly instructors with structured content and clear progression will quickly speed you toward creative and expressive dancer.

It's completely risk-free as we offer a full money-back 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked - we are so confident you'll absolutely love the experience.

Feeling adventurous?...Join us with the offer below, and start on have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

Buy discounted Salsa Lessons - 20% OFF.

We run what are called "drop-in" classes on a Thursday night.

That works well for many people. However, sometimes it's a good idea to make a commitment to do something for a period of time - that way you are more likely to achieve your desired goals. Buying a course takes away the temptation to come up with excuses not to here you can buy a package and set yourself sure and true on your Salsa Journey. As an incentive, and reward, if you buy a course we give away a discount of 20%. You can put the money you save towards dance shoes, or music, or fritter it away on Amazon 1-Click.

The offer is only open to beginners who haven't yet attended Salsa Machine. By "beginner", I mean someone who has never done Salsa before, or who has dabbled somewhere at some time, but now wants to start seriously.
Don't worry about the commitment - if you aren't 100% happy with your first lesson then I will simply refund all of your money, so you can feel safe in purchase :-)

★ Money back guarantee.

★ Start when you're ready.

★ No partner required.

★ Flexible attendance.

On your first night we'll refund 100% of your money (including that night) if you aren't 100% satisfied - no questions asked.

If you can't attend, due to holiday or sickness, you won't miss out - only nights you actually attend count toward your 10 sessions.

★ Ideal gift.

Beginners' 10 Week Course (20 Classes) with 20% discount.
Normal price £100 - you pay £80.

This buys 10 weeks entry - That's 20 lessons plus 2 hours of social freestyle practice dancing with each session. Open to Absolute Beginners who have not attended Salsa Machine before. First session starts at L1 Absolute Beginners'.

You have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and quality: I'll give you ALL your money back after the first session if there is anything you don't like. Even if you loved it, but decide you don't want to continue, then I will refund ALL your money no questions asked. Basically, you can't lose! The worst that can happen is you walk away with 2 free lessons under your belt :-)

I advise that the lessons be taken as consecutively as possible, but it's not absolutely necessary, and you won't forfeit a lesson if you miss a week due to illness or holiday etc. Please email or call me if you have further questions.

Each week includes:

1) Two 1-hour lessons.

2) 2 hours of free-style social practice dancing.

You can start when ever is convenient. There is no expiry, but start as soon as you can, because the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be able to dance!

Buy this as a gift...much more exciting than socks!

NOTE: Remember to include your email address please!


I am also offering a £10 Cashback cripsy new note to anyone who introduces someone to the 10 Session Package discount offer.

Applies even if you buy it as a gift!

10 Session Package Offer open to Absolute Beginners who have not attended Salsa Machine before.

Just make sure you email me the recipient's details before the package is purchased - I will send you the note after purchase :-)

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