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Advice for Ladies starting Salsa Dancing......

Becoming a skilled follower whilst dancing with style and expression is is the Holy Grail of partner dancing and is truly satisfying.

Learning to be a relaxed, confident and connected follower in Salsa is a challenge...I would LOVE to tell you that it's easy and can be achieved very quickly, but that would be setting false expectations. What I will say is that in learning Salsa you are following the footsteps of every accomplished and creative follower who went before you. The journey it's self is also a journey of self discovery. Being able to maintain a rapport and play your part in a dance such as Salsa has no other simile in Life. Nothing matches the feeling of being in the moment with a partner as moves and styling converge in poetic motion.
A lot of things in life require some degree of work and energy to achieve. One truly amazing thing about learning how to follow in Salsa is that the journey its self is a also a self-contained experience. Dive in with the open mindset of becoming somebody who will get that inner torrent and express all its energy through Latin music via the medium of dance. Don't hold back, it won't serve you...go and take it and live it and dance it. It's there already, you just need to allow the release of the inner spirit. Fear has no place here, there is only room movement.


Advice for



My strong advice to girls learning Salsa is this: Be a technician.

In Salsa the girl can't get away with relying on the Lead. If you do then you'll always be at the mercy of the Lead. The strategy is to understand and to be able to execute your own steps with perfect timing, perfect position and perfect technique. Own your role in the dance, play your part of the bargain. Do this and you will possess the key to enjoyable, confident, connected, stylish and creative dancing.

Following skills are not to be underestimated. It takes every girl time to develope their following skills, so don't get frustrated or dejected and hide in the garden eating worms, instead allow yourself time to build your skill level. Of course we teach you eaxctly how to follow, and give you some neat tips and tricks, but there is a large experiential element to Following, so dance lots and work at it, and incrementally you will start to feel following as natural part of your dancing. Every girl has to do this, there really isn't a shortcut.

Lastly, enjoy every micro second...Salsa is about fun and rhythm and rapport and social life and expression, so although we have to take time to learn how to do the amazing activities in life, the journey from Absolute Beginner to Accomplished must also be an exciting and soul-filling adventure :-)

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