Salsa Machine Covid Policy

Updated 18-10-21

Private Salsa Lessons Classes Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Luton, Hatfield, Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Our Covid policy is simple.

When I initially published it I was both supported and vilified. You can read about my personal experience here:

The post has plenty of viewpoints added to it, which may also be of interest to you.

I've have updated the previous policy to harmonise with the current situation. I am very interested to read your feedback. 

Thank you for listening. Warm regards, Ben.


We love you, we really do.

We have entered the transition from pandemic to endemic.

So, and this policy has been updated to reflect the general relaxation of restrictions everywhere because of Covid.

We all want to act in civic-minded way and trust that others do as well.


To that end, please read the guide below:

For other people's protection, we suggest that if you are exhibiting any Covid symptoms, please take a test before attending.


If you are unsure we have free tests available at the door for anyone to use.

LFTs are available for free from shops, pharmacies, and the government

All we can do now is enact sensible precautions and be mindful of other's safety.

I am not a medical professional, I am just a guy who wants you to have a brilliant time dancing who is also doing his best to protect and reassure you. Please let me have any questions.