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Salsa Machine Membership Subscription Plans

Private Salsa Lessons Classes Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St Albans, Luton, Hatfield, Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

​Subscription attracts more than a 50% discount over pay-as-you-go entry to the club night lessons and social dancing.

​Why do we offer such a massive discount? We regard our members as family. We treat beginners and experienced dancers alike and encourage an educational and creative environment with a convivial and expressive atmosphere.

Our loyalty membership subscription discount reflects how much we value your custom and support.

210910 Full Subs Stripe QR Code.png

If you would like to pay on your phone or mobile device, just point the device's camera at this QR code and accept the link:


Our super-simple subscriptions represent a more than 50% loyalty discount and are super-simple.
£40 per calendar month.
Includes everything on a club night.
£14 per calendar month.
Access to the social dancing every club night.

In months that have 5 club night, you get a completely free night!

Starts as soon as you subscribe and renews on the same date every month.
No minimum duration, and cancel any time, pay by debit/credit card.

No account, username, password or membership card required, just rock up and rock in - super simple!

Your card payment details are not processed or stored by us - this is all handled by Stripe, a globally trusted subscription system.

Subscription members benefit from such a huge loyalty discount because we treat our members as family. For beginners, subscription is recommended because as well as being amazing value, it also creates that all-important commitment required when starting something new.


Click the button below and enter your card details.
When it's confirmed, your subscription is active.

It's that simple.

When arrive just give your name to the receptionist.


What is the subscription payment date?

The date you enter your payment details.


What if I start my subscription part-way through a month?

Your subscription starts immediately, and therefore works from the next up and coming club night (including tonight if you actually subscribe on the same night).

Can I pay cash every month as opposed to using a debit/credit card?
No. It must be a recurring payment from a credit or debit card.

When we polled our members, it was generally regarded that cash is no longer king, and would rather pay by card automatically. Processing cash subscriptions are expensive, and we thought in light of the above, it's best to keep the price down for everyone.


How do I cancel?
Send me an email, and I will cancel it immediately.

It counts from the time and date stamp on the email you send unless you tell me to make it a specific date.
If you have a Stripe account, you can also cancel it yourself.

When can I cancel?
Any time.


Is there a minimum subscription period?


Can I buy two or more subscriptions in one payment?

Yes. The quantity can be adjusted on a mobile at the top right under "Details" on a computer in the left panel under "Qty".

How does payment work?

It's the simplest we could possibly make it: just click the button (or scan the QR code) which will take you to the Stripe payment processor. You'll see the Salsa Machine logo and the monthly subscription amount. Enter your card details and email address and click "Subscribe". We receive notification that you've subscribed, and next time you visit on a club night you swoosh straight in via the red carpet. Currently, Stripe do not send an email directly to you for confirmation (emails are sent to you when an issue arises), but I will send you an email within a few days to confirm. As long as the Stripe payment processor confirms at the point of payment, you are subscribed.

Note: your card payment details are not processed or stored by us - this is all handled by Stripe, a globally trusted subscription system.
We never see your card details and can never access your payment details - these are protected by Stripe's encrypted payment processor.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is the third-party company that we use to process our membership payments. Stripe is a World-class leading highly respected, trusted, and reliable payment system launched in 2009 and designed for memberships subscriptions, such as ours. They have superb customers support and even allow customers to create accounts for easier payments. Read about Stripe here:

When I have subscribed, what do I need to do when I arrive at the club on club night?
Give your name to the receptionist.

You are then whisked into the club by a flock of harmonising angels whilst receiving a light foot massage.*

We've kept it super simple, so you don't need to carry a card, there is no requirement for an online account, you don't need to have an app on your phone, or show any documents. We just want you to rock up and rock in.

*I made that up.

Salsa Machine Email As Graphic 3.png



Turn up and pay for what you need.

1 CLASS = £10
2 CLASSES = £15
SOCIAL DANCING = FREE for a bit longer

NOTES: Social dancing eventually 
will be £7, but if you've also bought a class, it will be discounted to £5.

If you do just one class, it can be either the first or the second session (though they are structured, so that session 1 prepares you for session 2).

210910 Full Subs Stripe QR Code.png

If you would like to pay on your phone or mobile device, just point the device's camera at this QR code and accept the link:

If you have any questions about subscriptions or need any support regarding the payment, please email me here, or call me.

Salsa Machine Email As Graphic 3.png


These are very simple.

In a nutshell, we will do our very best to run every week, but sometimes it won't be possible.

Subscriptions apply to club nights at our regular venue. Occasionally, the regular venue is not available, so, where possible, we substitute a nearby venue for minimal inconvenience. We will endeavour to schedule our regular day, for minimal disruption. Where the regular night is not available we may have to use a different night of the week. Every now and then the venue may not open due to adverse conditions, or be closed on particular days (such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, etc) and in this situation I will send out a cancellation alert as soon as I know. The nights that we cannot run are adequately covered by the effectively free nights that are accumulated during 5-club-night months (however, I can issue a refund if requested).

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