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Ladies Styling Workshop - 2nd Sept 2018.

Harpenden, mirrored studio 10:00 - 12:00, £25.

ADDRESS: Sir John Lawes School, Manland Way, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 4QP.
The Team, Maria, Michelle, and Janet, will meet all students afterwards in a coffee shop in Harpenden.

I will send confirmation as I can - thank you!

Register your interest or book your place. Pay in advance at Salsa Machine to guarantee you place.

❤THE ONLY LADIES STYLING WORKSHOPS YOU'LL EVER NEED💋MARIA + MICHELLE + JANET, or the "Style Council" as we like to call them❤

Ladies Styling Workshop Banner 1b.jpg
Maria, Queen of the Style Council
Michelle, Advanced Instructor
Janet, Advanced Instructor
This is what you will feel like after the workshop.

At last, it's here, and it's beautiful...

Sunday morning 2nd September, 2hrs, 10:00am - 12:00pm, mirrored studio, Harpenden.


💋 Your talented hosts: Maria, Michelle, Janet. 💋

Expression and creativity are the reasons you dance Salsa. Losing one's self in the music so you can find yourself in the dance is the goal.

The questions that need answering are, how do I:
1) Create stylish movement with confidence?
2) Express 
myself in a way that connects to the music?
3) Use these things to create a rapport with my partner?


The answers, along with solid practical exercises, tips, explanations, break-downs, and build-ups are all addressed in this workshop. There is no mystery, there is only magic...

Maria ran her own dance school when she was 16, and ever since then, she has made a career out of teaching achieving the highest ever grade at Cambridge University with a Masters in Education. There is nothing Maria does not know about dancing or teaching -  dancing is in her DNA, and she is a true Teacher's Teacher.

Michelle and Janet follow Maria in their own right as revered Advanced Instructors in the Salsa Machine Team, both known for the quality of their teaching and as accomplished social dancers.


Together the three of them bring you dynamite on the dance floor.

I am so excited about this styling workshop that I want to attend myself, but sadly, men are not allowed!

So what's being covered?
Maria, Michelle, and Janet are basing all content on a practical approach, with just enough theory to bring the principles into sharp focus. Crossbody Salsa is truly unique dance, and it allows for a huge amount of creativity and expression - to take advantage of this we need some content, we need to understand how to creatively fit it to the dance, and how to use the music for expression and rapport.


Who is it for?
There will be a series of workshops, but because we know it's hard to commit to courses, the content is arranged in consistent bite-sized chunks with minimal dependency. There will be the main thread, but it doesn't matter if you miss one. Everything will be challenging but is broken right down, so inexperienced dancers can progress quickly with the fundamentals, and experienced dancers can concentrate on the difficult detail. Individual attention will be given to ensure no students are overwhelmed, but also that all students are properly challenged.

This is made possible with a team of 3 talented Instructors working together with the students.


At the end of the session. Maria, Michelle, and Janet will meet the class in a local coffee shop to discuss the class content and answer questions (and talk about that's what all girls talk about, right?).


£25. 2 hours. 10:00am-12:00pm, mirrored studio.
ADDRESS: Sir John Lawes School, Manland Way, Harpenden, AL5 4QP. Click here for Google map.

180902 Ladies Styling Workshop Map
180902 Ladies Styling Workshop Map
180902 Ladies Styling Workshop Map
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